3 Ways to Create Massive Facebook Engagement

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3 Ways to Create Massive Facebook Engagement

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got ten likes or ten thousand likes the strategies you can apply just to start building your page for free. And the first thing I would say on any post that you do you make sure that it is short and to the point. Below you’ll find more useful and effective advice:

Don’t be boring

Don’t write long boring posts because people won’t be interested in reading them. People like to share their views and their interest. A pictures talk thousands of words. It’s to use images now you’ll get forty percent more interaction if you use images and if you combine your images with a question or something. The engages then that’s even better and it will improve your interaction even further.

Share inspirational quotes. Those types of posts if you’ve seen it before you can guarantee that literally everybody else has seen it before so try and stay relevant and current and share things that everyone else has already shared. Another strategy is to really try and find out what your target audience the people of liked your page. Respond to in terms of the number of times you post during the day people post anywhere between two and eight times.

Be creative

Now the next thing I would say is be consistent. Now don’t take spec to your Facebook page to explode overnight because it’s consistency and its daily application of posting and engaging with people that is actually going to get you the likes in the increased exposure and. So keep at it.

You need to be creative. If you want to stand out from other people don’t follow all the people you know big actually create your own style. You can use tools like canva. It helps you to create image fast and easy. It just helps you stand out a little bit faster. And if you throw those in with your average post you know that you do throughout the day it’s definitely helps.

Have a sense of humor

Now another piece of advice I would give you is to have a sense of humor when you posting it don’t think you have to be all serious and you’ve got to just have you know important facts and figures about your business or anything like that just have a laugh on it because people have come on to your pay each. And it’s a social network at the end of the day and people want to be social. So don’t just.

Just be all serious just have a you know to tell jokes if you like some of my jokes terrible but people don’t mind. They just are trying to make people laugh and it’s just a bit of fun when you’re sharing your content just make eighty percent of it relatively social and twenty percent of it more business related. That seems to work.

Well. I think that’s covered most of the tips I want to share today. Don’t be afraid to be controversial that doesn’t mean being rude. You can actually build gauge posting controversial comments or things that you may know that you’ve seen in the news that might cause different opinions from different people because it’s very good when you can actually build a level of engagement on your page where people are responding to each of those messages and things like that. When you are building and it does take a little bit of time but it’s possible you can achieve these types of results you don’t need to pay for any sort of advertising and it really does explode your business now so I’m going to share with you today.

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