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I’m going to set you on the right track of getting started with Facebook for your business and how to grow it. Over the last few years, Facebook has undergone a ton of changes many things you see and read about on line for using Facebook for business. In this article, I will try show you where to start and give you a great overall strategy that will get you real results for your business.

So let’s talk about where to start. Well if you’ve not done so already you need to make a Facebook page for your business. Believe it or not it is not very hard to do the biggest place. I see people make mistakes is trying to use a separate account for their business do not make this mistake your Facebook page needs to be created under your own personal profile you can assign staff to manage it for you later.

Maybe you are worried that Facebook will mix up your personal and business stuff together. If so I know how you feel I felt the same way. The good news is Facebook will keep your personal profile and your business activities completely separate. Well after you set up your Facebook page you need to look at the Facebook ads system. Facebook has created the most powerful advertising platform the world has ever seen. So use it. Most business owners spend countless hours trying to build up likes on their page the worst part is if you ask them why they are doing this they can’t really answer the question. The reason they can’t answer the question is because Facebook changed the rules on how likes work.

You see it used to be back a few years ago. If you had a thousand people who liked your page and posted something like a today sale on it all 1,000 people who liked your page would see your message, then 1 day pretty much out of nowhere Facebook changed the game for businesses. Now you’re lucky if only 50 or 100 ever see your post it gets worse too because the exact kind of messages that you would want to send to your clients to get them to buy your services are the exact kind of messages that Facebook does not want those people to see. Post a status update like this to your Facebook page and you will not even get 25 out of 1,000 people to ever see it simply put it’s a bad deal for you.

The good news is once you figure out Facebook’s ad system your messages will end up right in people’s news feeds leaving all your competitors in the dost. It’ll be a huge boost for your business but you need to use Facebook’s ad system to get these kind of benefits that can really move your business forward with social media. So you need to be using Facebook ads for your business now let’s talk about how do you go about learning Facebook ads. Well you can search around on Google for tips on using Facebook ads and like other information on Facebook. Most of what you will find was written a few years ago. It’s completely outdated by now. I mean the screenshots do not even match anymore.


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Facebook’s ad platform is still pretty new. This is great news for you because ad rates are still pretty low. Just know that their ad platform is constantly changing. What you need to develop is a simple overall strategy for how you will use Facebook’s ad system. Unfortunately, Facebook gives you a lot of choices on how you can run your ads. It can be very confusing and expensive to just start trying things to just see what happens.